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  • The Arduino Sensor kit is perfect for makers in the making: suitable for beginners, Arduino Sensor kit’s main element is the Base Shield, to which the various Grove modules (they are pre-wired on the PCB) can be connected both individually, or together, in different combinations, to create fun and exciting projects.
  • The kit includes: the Base shield, that can then be mounted onto an Arduino UNO board (not included), 6 Grove cables, to easily connect the modules without any soldering required and build projects with minimal effort of both wiring and coding.
  • Arduino Sensor kit contains:10 Grove modules (LED, button, potentiometer, buzzer, light sensor, sound- and air pressure sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, OLED screen) that can be connected to the base shield, either through the digital, analog or I2C connectors. The modules come as a single board where all components can be snapped out of the board and used separately.
  • Free online documentation platform: with instructions for connecting and programming the different modules, and quick and easy tutorials.
  • A dedicated library providing easy-to-use apis that will make it smoother to set up and work fast with all Grove modules.

Sensor Kit - Base [TPX00031]

SKU: 5c7a597c-1244-4880-be3e-00c2e886b975
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