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Hall effect Unit integrated with three A3144E Hall sensor switches which are processed by 74HC series gate integrated circuits.

Low-level signal can be generated when the magnet S pole is close to the top of the sensor or the N pole is close to the back, and the internal LED indicator will light up.

It is widely used in applications such as door sensor alarms, proximity sensors, rotation speed measurement and so on. The front side is the North pole, and the low level is output when the south pole signal of the magnetic field is sensed.

Produce Future

  • Unipolar Hall switch sensor
  • Fast response and high sensitivity
  • Status indicator
  • Low-level output
  • Lego compatible


  • 1x Hall effect Unit
  • 1x GROVE Cable(20cm)
  • 1x Magnet


  • Door sensor alarm
  • Magnetic field proximity sensing
  • Speed measurement


Specification Parameter
Hall sensor A3144E * 3
Logic IC 74HC08D
Status indication RED LED
Output Level Active Low
Net weight 4g
Gross weight 17g
Product Size 24*32*8mm
Package Size 67*52*11mm


  • Official Hall Effect Unit (A3144E Hall Sensor)

    SKU: d6ce787c-6b78-42df-bca8-24221f45b93a
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