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  • Control speed and direction for two DC motors, or just speed with four DC motors; drive a large stepper motor up to NEMA 17.
  • Connect other sensors and actuators through the shield’s Molex connectors.
  • Connect more to your board! It works also for up to four (external) relays or solenoids.
  • Works with your Arduino Uno, Uno SMD, Mega, and Leonardo.
  • External power input to separate the motor power from the microcontroller one.

Product Description

Arduino Products

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What makes Arduino products special

  • Continuous attention to User Experience
  • High quality manufacturing & testing process: All products are assembled in Italy, following highest EU standards.
  • End to end security for IoT: From hardware cryptography to cloud
  • Best in class communication technology: We use high quality communication modules
  • Quality standards: We comply with the highest quality standards and pursue modern design approaches
  • Customer support: We take care of our customers and provide several portals for communication and knowledge-sharing



The ideal solution for emerging battery powered IoT edge applications.


A tiny footprint, powerful processors and excellent reliability.


Arduino’s series of high performance industry-rated boards.

Motor Shield REV3 [A000079]

SKU: fc62a950-db90-4e04-a623-5620fa2d7439
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